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What Happens If I Struggle to Sell My House Online?

As an online estate agent, we regularly analyse all of our housing stock to make sure that they are marketed in the best light to maximise the chance of selling. There are various factors in particular that we look at. In this article, I’m going to focus on these in further detail.Are you advertising in the right places?Over 80% of house hunters find their property online with most of those visiting the main five property portals. Find out which websites your agent advertises on, if you are not on all five then your property is not receiving the exposure that it deserves. An online estate agent should list your property on many websites. If you are on these websites but still not receiving the number of leads that you expect then the first thing you should check is the Click Through Rate.Click Through RateThe Click Through Rate is the number of times a home-hunter chooses to click through from seeing a property’s summary details on the search results page of a website, to view more information about the property on its own details page. Basically the higher the Click Through Rate then the more people viewing the property then the greater the chance of leads. Ask your agent what your CTR is, if it falls below 5% then something is wrong either with your asking price or the presentation of the property.PresentationThe presentation of a property is the best way of attracting leads. On the summary page it is important to offer the best reasons possible for a prospective buyer to click through to your property. The main photograph is critical; it needs to show the property in the best light. It is also advisable to change the image to an internal photo or simply use a front shot from a different angle. Research shows that houses hunters regularly trawl websites and by swapping and updating the property images you are more likely to be noticed.PriceIf improving and changing the property presentation doesn’t improve the click through rate then the only answer will be to reduce your asking price. Your estate agent should be able to provide you with valuation reports which will show you how much similar houses in your area are being marketed for.